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Noho Summer Nights

Billy Mitchell & The Circle of Friends

Date: June 23 |
7:00 PM: Opening Act - Dylan Dunlap
8:00 PM: Headliner

The Circle of Friends began as friends coming together to make music. The purpose was not only to play great tunes, but also to bring joy to all those who came to listen. If the listener doesn’t feel better at the end of the set, then the musicians haven’t done their job. That is what the Circle of Friends is about.

In 2011 the Circle began, featuring Dr. Bobby Rodriguez- Trumpet, Rickey Woodard- Sax, Jock Ellis- Bone, Tomas Gargano- Bass, Dave Tull- Drums, Kurt Hammernik- Percussion, Yu Ooka- Guitar and Billy Mitchell- Keyboards.

Over the years we have been joined by such talent as Hagai Izraeli- Trumpet, Greg Vail- Sax, Del Atkins- Bass, Quentin Dennard- Drums, Peter Buck- Drums. Also, special guest vocalists: Garrett Morris, David Whitfield & Bili Redd. These collaborations have produced three CDs.

This year the Circle was joined by Andrew Carney – Trumpet, Dave Cowan – Drums and Kimo Cornwell – Keyboards. Together with Jock Ellis – Bone, Robert Kyle – Sax, Kurt Hammernik – Percussion, Yu Ooka – Guitar, Michael Saucier – Bass and Billy Mitchell – Keyboards, the Circle has video programs available on YouTube and live.

Please enjoy these spiritual classics and originals with family and friends.