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Canoga Park Car Plays

Canoga Park Car Plays

The Valley Cultural Center (VCC) provides diverse programs and events in the arts that bring together talent, community, and business throughout the San Fernando Valley.  Together with community partners from Main Street Canoga Park, West Valley Playhouse, Full Vision Arts Foundation, and CSUN’s Neighborhood Partners in Action, VCC will serve as an executive producer for a multidisciplinary arts experiment (theatre, film, visual art, music) that will tell the ever-evolving story of the new Canoga Park—a 21st century American community in perpetual transition.



10 Minute Play Festival-Submission Form Below

  • Develop your script for production consideration at the West Valley Playhouse – March 2018.
  • Attend a free playwriting workshop at a local community organization (optional).
  • Submit your script by November 15, 2017.
  • Plays will be selected for a staged reading in December 2017.
  • 8 plays will be selected for full theatrical and film production in 2018 with rehearsals in January.


Professionals will evaluate your entry, and if you’re selected your play will receive a production.  You will revise your script with the support of professional theatre artists.  Your play will have a staged reading as well.  As playwright, you will be part of the collaborative process working with a producer, director, and actors.  Your play will be performed inside or around a parked car!

  • Original unpublished scripts only – 5-7 pages maximum.
  • 2 characters; set inside a car
  • Style and form are up to you.
  • The themes of this festival focus on Canoga Park; community sustainability/livability; transformation; the drama and/or comedy that occurs in our cars
  • Typed pages using a traditional play format.
  • Click here for scriptwriting tips
  • Only PDFs of your script can be submitted. No Word docs or other formats.