Ambrosia and Friends

In the year 1970, four young musicians from the South Bay of Los Angeles, came together to create a new invigorating style of music.

Exploring the possibilities of progressive classical and world influences, yet rooted with the soul of the blues and R&B, Joseph Puerta, Christopher North, David Pack, and Burleigh Drummond created a new sound that was defined and recognized as, “Ambrosia”.

Originally labeled as America’s answer to the progressive invasion of such English acts as “Yes” and “King Crimson”, the group quickly proved it was all that and much more as its albums painted aural landscapes covering the gamut of musical styles and attracting the collaboration of such cultural icons as, Leonard Bernstein, Kurt Vonnegut Jr. and Alan Parsons.

In its brief recording history, Ambrosia garnered 5 Grammy Nominations, 5 Hit Singles, Heavy FM Airplay, and the admiration and respect of the musical community. All this was in addition to Sold Out concerts around the world.

Today the band is more alive than ever. With three of the four original members intact plus the addition of the very talented and inspiring Ken Stacey on acoustic guitar and amazing lead vocals, Mary Harris on soulful keys and vocals, and the six string ace Doug Jackson on electric guitar and vocals. Their performance in Woodland Hills has the distinction of featuring Special Guests Peter Beckett and Bill & Tamara Champlin.

As the voice of Player, Peter Beckett’s hits include “Baby Come Back.” Bill Champlin enjoyed an illustrious career as a former member of Chicago and now collaborates with his singer-songwriter wife Tamara Champlin.

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Emerging Artists


The Darryl Morris Band

The Darryl Morris BandDarryl Morris Band is based in Los Angeles and plays original music in a variety of clubs throughout Los Angeles…including The Canyon Club, The Baked Potato, The Mint and others.  They have opened for National acts such as Maxi Priest, Missing Persons, Bow Wow Wow, George Porter Jr. and many others.

Darryl Morris is a transcendent singer-songwriter and has been influenced by those who have a message. The primary and spiritual sources of his music come from such activists as Dr. Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, and Angela Davis. He has also been musically influenced by the brilliance and the melodic imagery of Jimmy Hendrix and Freddie Mercury of Queen, and the lyrical perseverance of James Taylor, Tracy Chapman and Bernie Taupin.

His band consists of world renowned guitarist Chrissy Shefts, who played all guitars on Seal’s Double-Platinum debut album and has also recorded & toured with Rod Stewart, Heart and House of Schock…featuring ex Go-Go’s drummer, Gina Schock. Drummer, Steven Fisher, is a native New Orleanian who has played with the likes of Ivan Neville, Allan Toussaint, Lenny Zenith, Vance DeGeneres and others. Sumit Das plays bass and is a graduate of Berklee School of Music in Boston.  He has played and recorded in numerous bands throughout Boston and Los Angeles.

The Darryl Morris Band’s goal is to perform music that can be experienced by all people of the world regardless of age, sex, color and/or ethnic origins. Their main goal is to make a positive impact on an individual’s consciousness by creating music to be enjoyed and remembered.

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