Catch the premiere of our Arts on the Move Podcast series on March 4th!

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Featuring our guests:

Jim Sass photo for podcastSasso Studios’ Jim Sass

Jim Sass is the creator of Sasso Studios on YouTube, which is currently reaching over 750k subscribers and growing daily. Best known for his Sonic Animations and voice acting talent, Jim has formed a successful online business and begun producing original music to score his projects as well as a steady dedication to learning to improve his craft. His many ambitious projects set a course for his goal to 1 million subscribers and building a community of creativity and concern for the people he cares for most.


Melvin Galloway III photo for podcastSasso Studios’ Melvin Galloway III

With over 24 years in the entertainment industry, Melvin Galloway III strives to create and produce different forms of digital media to help change the world. As a producer he is responsible for making sure the train keeps a rolling here on Sasso Studios. He isn’t limited to just making sure productions get done but also participates in the creative process helping to make original music with Sasso Studios Tunes, animations, and film making. With his career rising there is no stopping his ambitions to making the world a better place through the power of story telling.


Brandon Nowell photo for podcastEmerging Artist Brandon Nowell

My name is Brandon Nowell, also known as Hollow Groove (@_hollowgroove_). I make music for Sasso Studios animations, indie video games, and compose/publish my own music. You can hear me on the recently released video game “Aground” on the track “Hive Dive Mind” and Sasso Studios “Sonic Holiday Compilation” video. Growing up in LA, I’ve been involved in music my whole life picking up different instruments and musical habits through practice and experience and I feel I have so much to not only learn, but to give back to the music community.