Nancy Sanchez

Written in both Spanish and English, Nancy Sanchez and her musical group perform her songs in a variety of styles for any occasion, from singer-songwriter, jazz standards and originals, mariachi, regional Mexican, pop, bossa nova and more.

Nancy has the ability to create both a powerful festival sound and a warm sound more appropriate for intimate gatherings. Her musical group includes both electric and acoustic instruments.

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Cuban Jazz Train

Cuban Jazz TrainThe Cuban Jazz Train, under the direction of Calixto Oviedo, was formed by a group of accomplished musicians whose main motivation was to revive the olden times improvising new melodies, harmonies, and danceable Cuban rhythms.

Latin Grammy nominee Calixto Oviedo – Oviedo is a living encyclopedia of Cuban drumming and percussion, from the deep roots of African-influenced folklore to the hottest dance music and the cutting edge of jazz Club (Severas tour arond the world Afro Cuban ALL Stars. 80 % festivales en USA, Japan. Womax australia y New Zelans Java Festival (Indonesia).

He has been honored to play at this various festivals around the world: Feria de Cali, Colombia ; Montreaux Jazz Festival, Paleo Rock Festival, Carnaval in Panamá, Nice jazz Festival, France; Roskilde Festival, Festival de Salsa en Madrid, Spain; North Sea Jazz Festival, Netherlands; Antillansefeesten, Belgium; Festival de Salsa en Barcelona, Spain; Umbria Jazz, Italy; Couleur Café, Belgium; Festival di San Remo, Italy; Riga Ritmi Festival, Latvia; Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Denmark; Nordischerklang, Germany; Gottingen Jazz Festival, Germany; Red Sea Jazz Festiva, Eilat – Israel; Imatra Big Band Festival, Finland; Umeå Jazz Festival, Sweden; Oslo World Music, Norway; Salsa Festival, Madrid, Spain; Feria del Pacifico, Peru; Frutas Tropicales, Helsinki – Finland; Molde Jazz Festival, Molde, Norway; Udine jazz –Italy; A Sulle Bocce –Italy; Montreal Jazz Festival –Canada; Portland Jazz Festival; Sun Festival

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