Rock the Valley – Battle of the Bands is a musical talent show organized to give emerging artists an opportunity to showcase their talents!

Voting starts on January 20th and ends January 24th for Preliminary Rounds.

You can only vote once, but you can vote for another band as well to share the love. All votes will be tallied by January 25th for the preliminary rounds. Winners will be notified on January 25 and celebrated across social media. Winners will go on to semi-finals from February 8-12. Your support of these artists through the Valley Cultural Foundation is genuinely appreciated and is crucial to the success of our Emerging Artists Program. Please consider donating today!

Battle of the Bands Night 2 Ended

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BOTB Henry Mansfield photo

Henry Mansfield

A full-fledged piano-rock experience, Henry Mansfield combines the nostalgia of Death Cab for Cutie with the grit and punch of The Hold Steady. Audience participation and elegant songwriting come together in a wholesome, thoughtful and joyous package.

BOTB Beyond The Reserve photo

Beyond the Reserve

Beyond The Reserve is a pop/rock band based in Los Angeles, California. The band consists of three high-school-made best friends united in their passion to use music as an instrument of storytelling and as a means to make a lasting impact on the world. The band’s first two singles will be released in the upcoming months, followed by the release of their EP, Broken Records. Beyond The Reserve is constantly crafting new music and is looking forward to performing live when the pandemic is over.

BOTB Strange Brew photo

Strange Brew

Busking on the Venice beach boardwalk isn’t the first place that comes to mind when bands think of a place to practice… But it was where Strange Brew perfected their performance and started to come to fruition.

Hailing out of Los Angeles, Strange Brew is comprised of a self producing & recording trio bringing together an eclectic blend of reggae and hip-hop.

Frontman Ethan Nickles brings a high energy performance with a powerful voice of tone and character, accompanied with rap verses by Seth Harcrow on bass. The band came together after touring with other groups to form this harmonious vibe.

With the release of their fifth single “Like A Thief”, they are determined to become a who’s-who in the reggae SoCal culture.

Rene Collins

Rene Collins

If the saying “Music is the Soul given a voice” is true, then Rene Collins is that voice. Infusing African spirituality with reggae, jazz, folk, and a hint of hip hop for taste, he blends together a sound as contemporary as it is timeless. His music gives us more than something to fill the silence. He imparts to us words of wisdom and light in a perfect marriage of insight and love. Rene takes the listener on a tour of Ancient Mysticism and African Philosophy. In his music, he relates these ideas in ways we can all understand. Through his signature polyrhythmic strumming style and soulful voice, he makes these topics easily relatable in our own lives. He infuses roots reggae offbeat with a folk underbelly via a strong violin medley.

Originally from San Francisco, Rene Collins has been involved in magick and music his whole life. His music history combined with decades long career of theatre acting and dancing formed the charismatic and intelligent artist he is today. With influences including Earth, Wind and Fire, Dave Matthews Band, U2, Ella Fitzgerald, Marvin Gaye, Elton John, and Bob Marley, his sound crosses genres and speaks to anyone who experiences his music. Rene has currently released his newest EP Love and Revolution on CDBaby.