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Susie Hansen Latin Band

Saturday, July 7 |
7:00 PM: Opening Act - Beau LePaige & The Family Band
8:00 PM: Headliner


Playing lively Afro-Cuban salsa and Latin jazz, electric violinist and vocalist Susie Hansen has been a favorite in Los Angeles for twenty-five years.  Her ensemble, the Susie Hansen Latin Band, has performed to hundreds of thousands of people, and they love to get the audience up and dancing—as Susie says, “We aim for the feet!”

Their music appeals to audiences of all ages and a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds. Susie and her band play familiar and traditional salsa in Spanish, many original salsa and Latin Jazz compositions, Latin-style interpretations of American jazz standards, typico Cuban Charanga music, and great salsa and cha cha cha in English. Their music also includes the popular Latin dance styles of cumbia, merengue and bolero. The salsa vocals are authentic and improvisational.

Her All-Star band features Daniel Castillo on lead vocals and congas, Kaspar Abbo on lead vocals and guitar, Joe Rotondi on piano, and other great musicians. The band is truly a crowd pleaser with its rhythmic energy and drive.


NoHo Opening Act:

Beau LePaige & The Family Band

Beau LePaigeBeau LePaige formerly of the band Le Paige, releases his debut solo CD “Summer” to rave reviews.
Beau LePaige brings new energy and sound to Pop music that reflects his own personality. Whether it is a Pop tune or a ballad, his music is filled with great melodic rhythms that give audiences an understanding of the composer in him. With his debut release “Summer” he gives audiences a crystal clear glimpse of his creative genius.
Being a versatile out-of-the-box thinker, Beau LePaige never constricts his creative side. His music is classic and touches many aspects of human emotion. From ballads to upbeat romps filled with huge choruses and magnetic vocals, he commands the attention of audiences everywhere. His vocals are magnificent, the storylines and musical arrangements are classic. You can’t just listen to one song. You are instinctly drawn to the next and next as you fill your soul and senses with some of the best music out there.